Friday, April 08, 2011

6th april post

Gopal came laddu given to owner gta gone;Ajay came and chat and gave him rs 50/- plus kirans intro;days id pjyothiraja;3 mailers written but not posted;blog and tweets managed;more interesting chat with gta abt social media and resume;sravani wish;ipl chat with ka fans;songs at cafe;new know is FB harry potter british actress web site;searsdeals;late sleep at night due to gopal; during the chat visiting cards hope from all corners;
7th april post;
Bus bouncer at morning with gopal;Managed sugar test at sl diagnistics but poor results;Met narendra new areas and new confidence gained;new guys introduction; Satish call;new areas exposure;with gopal to Kamineni and quick return.laddu to gta; again intro of ajay but no reply from him later ;called SRN;dress press managed;sro diary enq;akka call;


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