Monday, April 04, 2011

2nd april post

world cup day;by night things have eased at home; cost of Tv ads noted; watched entire cricket;during the entire tv show unable to think anything;pending blogs posted;posted 5 more postal mailers;syams call recd told him abt satish offer;FB research did;days ids were spantele;powerinnups;nallisilks;areyouinterestered at FB and FB power;files at home seen markindia work seen;

3rd april sunday post:

Boneless chicken at home and long wait and power of those ppl;long walk to chikkadpalli and tiffen;missed net;more discussions at home;areas in west godavari;rx book price increased o rejected it;night robo movie in hindi seen;caterers ads;world cup parties info;satish call;pressure again by gta;


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