Saturday, April 02, 2011

1st april post

unexpected dirturbance at home morning and evening triggered much resulted in losing control and lost sleep; called satiash and we met and discussed and his new offer of tirupati noted; some hope came from seenaiah after calling him; Morning met KIran and called SRN; no hope from ajay; morning old guy advovate met near tajmahal cafe srinu cell; 94408 80016;
Calls at field began today count 3;posted 3 more mailers gta hlp involved;night total eenadu sorted out and found 5 more addresses; 2 new friends of satish introduced;Sai dint respond; night motor byke space menace; trimmed way2sms;Called jana new info noted;called akka for gas;Morning had shae but trouble noted;discussed with neibour for Gas;Kept cell number at top of blog; brought groceries to home; chapatis from out side had;new pen;


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