Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30th march

Semi final day made use of the day; read some more about insulin and related things; posted covers; morning had funding from GTa and deposited amount; called SRn and surprising details had; 3 more new ids for the day ie aambyvalley;yogiinfotech;anaghadesigns;Took help of GTA for covers and stamps;blogs posted and tweeted;green tea had but not good; 3 seperate boxes kept for tablets;

Head ache has continued and and its still alarming and back pain too continued;akka called back;still doubts about the back pain;arguments still continued about Diet and afternnon sleep and rice intake and salt and cricket watch;hunger levels at afternoon increased and triggered confusion;tablets got exchanged;sravani next house girl;migranil worked; Huge Fan fare seen for sreesanth;

28th march post

At night arguments at home(not to object?);3rd day for treatment and its progressing;Hunger levels have remained;KA fans count crossed 24 k;Water arranged ;no calls to my cell why?;walk to barkatpura and posted 5 covers;Morning at surfing read few tips on reducing sugar levels and hyper tention(green tea,excercise,no coffee) reduce rice even small meals; attacks on head have continued further; pulusu at home good one;no tweets;night had nice time and slept;

29th march post;

Morning 3 teas and upma;With Gta to china bazaar and purchased boxes and few needed things walking target achieved but had grapes;green tea,bottles,tea cups,tooth priks nefthalin balls;overan gel,glue stick,roti maker,Dust bin etc.night time shopping triggered few arguments (gas) needle; Morning eenadu papers set;Old dress had;shaving problem;someone called for veduku;head ache contd?;Evening 10 addresses picked from news paper and written;night cricket again one sided; some cry out side of house;missed the net for the day;not to eat grapes is new point;


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