Monday, March 28, 2011

27th march sunday post

Had nice over nite sleep for the first time after many days; looks like back to normal sleep; real time dosage began; but head attacks have continued;big adverticement of adityacc in the hindu;brought few things to home gta money;morning tv watched; had keera grapes;water shortage noted;head pain some what reduced;lot of thinkings did at home of google currnt listings; days eenadus ad pwer noted;explained Gta of net advantages; etc;wheres my power lying? to enter in high rx circles;and poewer ling in identifying in huge odds; today almost 16 ppl met;
eenadu ads checked;night took cephalexin; day suffered with caugh, plum,hunger,head ache,contipation,foot apin etc; night magadheera movie seen;

26th march post saturday

Morning rent paid by Gta;Met diabetologist and took RX with high priced drugs situation was almost out of hands;courageous effort by Gta again paid for drugs; Mangaed to take blank ticket for sekhar and also sent it by courier and called Gopal; attended saturady bnaglore rx at musheerabad;also managed 1 hour net surfing; blog and tweets;brought water and curries to home; hot tea irritation;FB further enhanced; new thing known of alchohol and drugs;
Morning hindu coverage of 5 lakh new twitter ids daily noted;days ids were logiccapital;veracityedu; seen rx vedeos;Eng vs srilanka match seen;Morning Tata docomo got verified;no alchohol day;advanced thinking did; days ppl 10;


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