Monday, March 21, 2011

19th march post

Disagreements with Gta and her comment abt Raju was most painful;Prakash call surprising one; new email id vetuku1,at yahoo.and gmail;.com.New gel pen added and comfort had; 14 addresses selected for local posting for the first time nice work at home; Holi holiday but not much fun was there; 20 of hyd ids for twitter also selected; again bit over dosage for the day; dress brought back to home; new flash is i must act like a cricket ball speed; facebook code received to cell;strenghts on hand analysed once again; Drums of holi at home.message had by GTA; desitwits new site;arguments with Gta at morning; discussion with Dhobi couple;

sunday; 20 th march post;

Boredom felt being at home; surprise madyam shops were closed again; morning heavy strain to buy fish and prawns smell was un bearable; heavy pressure from Gta for income was unbearable; missed net; no incoming calls for throught the day; good service throught the day by GTA; west indies match watched; night insulin brought and faber 2 tablets purchased;to rx and seen srinath mount winning; last 7 k on hand and heavy insecurity; holi effect was bit more in city since morning; lost cool due to coffee spill on pant silence of gta;


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