Monday, March 14, 2011

sunday 13 th march post

Unexpected idsturbance at night with GTa insecurity began;upset over non availability of saruku;laddu managed it anyway;slept at after noon;missed net;missed rx; blanket wash by washing lady; only leftover chance is teammaking;nice service anyway from GTA;

12 th march post leaflet preparation

Finally new leaflet prepared and edited it two times thanks to some waiting time at press;new college people got introduced gave them visiting card;managed drink cheap one with bujjis help but reduced day;bet lost with gta at night with south africa;had lunch at chikkadpalli mess after long time with omlet purchased steel glass for coffee;night coffe powder and upma powder from vijaya cottage purchased;bisleri water arranged with rs 5/- discount; frequent dcs at surfing;

Sundays rx book purchased; read prominense of twitter at net;evening maggie enjoyed;chappal fast losing ground;dropped gta at morning;scooeter problem need to be checked;indiamart page got aproved;Oners interaction continued;Tablets purchased at morning;Gta came back at 2 pm tired and slept;


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