Friday, March 11, 2011

9th march post

Electrical bill paid at eseva;night tention on watching cricket match between india netherlands bet won; sunflower oil to home;2 and half net surfing for the day;saved all s2e data to blog;KA count 22771;vilekhari 18,95,319; msgs abt new number sent to most of them;petrol for scooter;Morning called ajay; night cot purchased;posted blog and tweeted;lost temper lot of times at night when went outside; withdrawn cash from atm;days ids were; vikasacademy;(100 branches)civilsquare,vaasthuforyou,navininteriors,vitrotravel;had revital; good things of past;

10th march;

million march day;
bundh day;brought back bill books and new visiting cards; paid for dish; washing by gta; most of the day spent at home; missed net;water,powder brought.night sleep disturbances continued;calls from chalapathi,prakash friend;


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