Wednesday, February 23, 2011

22nd feb post

Ajay failed for the day; gave plates to akka and also cell phone; some of my old files seen of 1997 year at sekhars home last 12 years back daily updates were there thats interesting;pain in foot was more severe;tablets purchased;stayed away from gta for 3 rd day without messages;own cooking managed; night curries were costly;gopal pressed me to take sekhars house;

21st feb post

unexpected rain for long time in morning;not much of any devpments 4 the day; tried for caterer at rtc xroads but in vain;new inspiration for the day is vilekhari has spidered toibeattheodds;met akka people;net was very slow at home;alert by boy abt bundh;one shirt(yellow) sent by gopal;by evening ajay said small success story;spent some time to develop toi from cafe; days ids were; recindia;iccauctions;brought back dress;socks wash managed;fake twitter accounts coverage news at eenadu read;income of jan,feb analysed;morning cafe was full;finally managed to take print of social media;seen austrlia vs Zimbabwe match.


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