Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15th feb post

got up bit early; attacks were more and hunger pangs;managed 3 dailies reading;posted blog;msgd gta;bit more cool day? reply got from gta; still boring??.dental pain; replys for k seen;gaganam; gayathriinfra further developed;zayekhapickles,khanapakana;34296; new info is sites.google.com; mor mineral water enq; note book purchased;song enjoyed at youtube;

at cafe tweeted for most of the projects and added followers; Twitter seems to be having huge potencial;(savethechildren;ivolunteer)new inspiration from gaganam movie;ajays absense;hotfrog 2843;

days collection; tarahomeo,dhlpackers,dlfshipping,bestpackers;drbasavaiah, sites.google.com a new info need to be worked soon;


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