Tuesday, February 08, 2011

8th feb post

Got up very early; had too many teas?;Met family members Mama,sekhar,Suneetha brought back hat helped mama;days news papers ethames ads were highlight;sink cleaning did unecpectedly;brought back cloth but wrong count by lady to be careful in future;calls started at 9 am overwhelming met one person at odeon;4 news papers scan;msgd gta poor response;cash levels depletion was tention 4 the day;had scooter repair;Kiran came and shown him ftp voyager;ajay failed but final call from him was encouraging gave pen drive to client; added few contacts at twitter 4 the day;shenoy trade centres exposure new mess;emailed to 3 ppl;prakash feed back; called Ramachandra; Muralis call in morning;
office needed very badly;way2 sms change of structure at morning noted; more closeness with venkat;

Srn satya dint respond?no personal market calls;sahara bouncer;

KA followers; 21523;

Brahmanandam issue by :jyothi tv;


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