Tuesday, February 01, 2011

1st feb post

Another hectic day in the progress;quickly brought cloth still need few more utensils so buying spree for the day;called ajay,venkat,reddy,kiran,satya; bisinessworld and new pen; ads response began;transfer was successful;quickly managed blog posting;
sekhar dint respond he called by after noon; theHindu followers were at 9429, deccannews; 2736. ka is 21160; Days id is; magnamags;

With reddy seen one office at narayan guda; purchased alarm watch another tumblr;gta responded; days ids were brandcapital; ankseals;messaged few ppl and and ramoji and gta satya have responded; ka fan base is slowly increasing alarmingly can it be useful? satya visited room and gave some tips; Read back entire diary jan found very interesting things;(rx confidence,not to introduce,shanku chakra,) v p rao called and thats a real surprise for the day,called cheg at night;gandhis call thanks to sms; 45 pics D w on hand; Police were cheching bykes; Satish also called back; hny dint respond; For ads reddy guided; history channel and Colorado construction;


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