Saturday, January 15, 2011

latest findings and things to do!

1.Try to get to new room faster the better:and start D W advanced survey plan with team?people are friendly at field work utilyse this.

2.improved rx strategy next 5 years adopt slowly adopt;(Jan,feb,march)
scooter on hand|still lonely ness?

3.gts health care better life (head pain,hyper
tention,sugar levels,food,sleep.)improve health condition.

4.Pic data effect of d wrters and latest diary of SRO and related data hope;
5.way2sms effetc one paisa sms;
6.ajay and how to acelerate now? be there in need is new point; care in little things.
9. dress added.
11.came out of srn office.
12.some data od dw prints on hand now further consolidate; cell net on hand; eenadu response;
15.added. papers data on hand;
17.imp ppl data;
18.19.ariel exposure on hyd;
20.twitter offer letters on hand;
21.dhanraj,ashok further team up. local,tv,fm,gas,heater.
24.some cash levels;
25.vilekhari spedering;
26.kajals fan base
27.twitter,FB id base;

14 th jan post

friday:Morning bouncer came in the form of Prakash call about ajys news and tention began followed by call to srn day disturbed total story of association with ajy analysed so far; 2 hours net at morning and sent msgs to most of the friends; next bouncer is from gta; by scooter to rx there further more consolidated the strategy return from amberpet by scooter is new experience for the day;

replys from friends were 1.chalapathi,2.jaybal,3.jayram reddy,4.ramoji,5.jana,6.babu x roads 7.balu maniac,8.chengaiah,9.seenaiah, rx after drnk one mistake analysed; some movies trailers movies seen at youtube;

Expenses for the day were at rs 700/- bit alarming. new key chain purchased;service at malakpet was bad;


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