Tuesday, January 04, 2011

4 th jan

data typing work at home; scanned images; pen drive purchased; met satya; blog posted; bill books work completed; survey of punjagutta area did; met satya;call from Srn and assurance; Ajays continued connectivity; called lakshmi; lot of walking at morning;

3rd jan post

shivam call follow up did and exposed to that area and house; met satya but by bus this time most of the day bus travel; disturbance at morning by call related disturbance dint attend office; over night sleep disturbance; called syam;gta msgs continued;tablets purchased;long ph talk with ajay; survey at chikkadpalli reg office failed;missed worked mount of r hughes; babu raos call for n prabhakar and chanchalguda; called satish; call recd from SRN; back pain? water arranged;
New plate,rice, Ariel;night Ajays contribution recd; Suris murder story by night;


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