Monday, December 27, 2010

Kokkanti ramanaiah

Early problem with sekhar:well settled married| more attched to sekhar|Shows lot of interest|
But last time dint help?? working in stan chart|

Dhana suneetha

Care| typing for my geocities|msgs|had arguments yes|

During the Childhood spent some time at hyderabad|very emotional|had arguments|

gaja|babu| Rajutrt|prasad vijayawada

Gaja friend through Sekhi; not much after my ssc
through satish;Tamil roots; his brother;

Association with Prasad| bakka prasad|by passed few times had troubles;More alchoholic;
Varma|Rames|nagesh| Lady?| associations ships| frugal|cigarette|gone case|
Prasad vijayawada:

more knowledgeble: Married settled|photo grapher| political analysis| god fearing|

27th december post

Remained at office till evening and got funding for room tata internet; gprs for gopal phone activated; organised blog further; problem with PRK,Padma; planet3c new id;new guy satish cell 9014261586; morning took printouts at office;got up very late;Gta request of going 2 movie kept aside; managed to email photo from 3 g cell; girl told abt dot symbol in cell; had lunch funding; hickup at morning from PRK regd news transfer; few more pics kept at blog;Edited entries again; file of Ajay was good to see; yesterdays Polish Patriot s win; cell ph cover was too costly;
further more consolidated imp ppl file;

Good successs story emerged out of Ajay now to accelerate; reduced intake; morning few things purchased; by night no cash on hands;

Replys had from GTA,cheng,Ramoji;bhawar;hemanths call;chalapathis call; nanubala satish data and ramakrishna aradhyula;
new idea is prakash a meterial for blog entries for 2 districts; lekhari matter is fast emerging on mind; to plan and check as what will really happen to odds on favrites?; Not to post duplicate content from now; Cunning attitude;

satish kumar nanubala

N. Satish Kumar serves as Managing Director and Director of Southern Online Bio Technologies Ltd. Mr. Kumar is a Post Graduate from the Institute of Computer Sciences, Hyderabad in 1994 and a Management Graduate from Institute of Management Education, Pune in 1996. After his post graduation he worked with several pharmaceutical Companies in the areas of marketing. He also handled software and hardware operations for Andhra Pradesh State Multichannel Electronic Services.In 1998, Mr. Kumar promoted Southern Online Services Limited with the object of providing Internet services in the state of Andhra Pradesh. He was responsible for leading Southern Online Services Limited to emerge as one of the major private sector ISPs in the state of Andhra Pradesh. He has been holding the position of Managing Director since 2001 and is responsible for the developing new business for Southern Online Services Limited and client delivery. Mr. Kumar has also been spearheading the Company?s efforts to engage in the business of bio diesel. At present, he is actively involved in promoting the Bio-fuels production in India along with SuTra (a division of Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore), Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India, Indian Oil Corporation, Faridabad, Indian Institute of Petroleum, and the Department of Environment and Forest, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. In this direction, Mr. Kumar is preparing to set up India?s first commercial Bio-diesel production unit at Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

26 th december sundays post

A long chat with ajay at morning; at TV rahasyam event at tv9 and narrators voice effect seen;after noon to rx but failure again but new point is to cover nearest ones at longer odds;msgs from gta have continued but unable to give replys to get and related tention bagan; at rx prasad penciler cell number 9391302747 took and also met guy from chennai;morning SRN came to room and had discussions;auto fares are unbearable;night sleep disturbances need to be faced;

25th december saturday post

Mor data tying work continued at office gave naveen pics to scan; Sudden call from dhanraj and attended his moms death rally met satiash and raju huge crowd seen; Finally computer assembled at room; bed situation changed; Rajus eyes were swollen and related tention; Sankyos call and gandhis call; disturbace at office witrh padmaja; by evening music also ready at system;more info on gadjects as pen drive virus etc noted;prakash dynamism seen again; afternoon biryani night dinner missed but fruit juice saved;night sunday boioks and water managed to room;


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