Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21 december

161 day at hyderabad still going strong but where iam really heading?; 5 dailies scanned for the day; very chilling day;hyper hunger levels have continued; tweeted for k and blog posted good response had for kajal tweets someone posted sakshi coverage; new ideas of starting a social networking web site emerged in the morning; posted blog and stats checked; used way2;
kholanis@twitter.com;cricketstrokes new ids for the day; Gta,ramoji,and prakash,ajay responded quickly; no rush at office or calls to staff?
importance of people power noted again;

(syam,Jaybal chantings,Ajay, c s satyam,tall guy at nellore,short guy, kiran,Ramoji,rama chandra reddy,rxjana,sachin,uk,gandhi,satyam,Ajay,bramha reddy,ramoji,chalapati,,Srn,sastry at nellore, ,ravi Satya,,muslim at nellore,Rao security guy at nellore,vamshi at nellore,krishna at nellore boys at chennai chinna pulliah,lalit escort at proddatur a guy at anantapur was too good)
2 20 000 croes by mark zuken burg? flipcarts pay on delivery of books?
Read chinmayi blog scanned her blog of 5 years interesting a blogger need to very expressive;
19 179 isnt that a huge following for k??
how to start a social networking site articles read at net; purchased electric heater for water and 2 banians;
something wrong as no invitation for lunch need to watch;bill book involvement; call from Prakash; checked Ibibo carnival;read entire racetimes blog; read data mining;
assurance had from SRN for computer; Call from Chalapati recd; entire racetimes blog read; night discussion with ajay received data;
How to start a social networking site details read;

Days purchases: 2 banians;tomato picle; cold cream lip guard; new mufler had;

20th december

Un expected Bundh day by TDP;Call from SRN as i was late to office; Nice intake of lunch;Very hot discussions at sai lodge abt launch at different place at night; Luckily missed P s chauhan s odds on shot it failed;rx movies seen at office small confidence again; msgs sent to gta and replys had; Furher R&D on RX connections did; Still couldnt comeout of shock; Top 10 Joc selected;
Irritating laugh by prakash; ramojis menace; nut powder had; seen twitter logo at indiarace;vedeos seen at office; magicflare and mukeshmotors ids for the day;


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