Saturday, December 11, 2010

11 th december post

Chnadra pic,laxmis pic,ajays pic,my own pic scanned and saved it on blog; mor FM enjoyed; new bag purchased;attended rx; ugly turn noted of messging to honey; honey settlements had and left; chalapti and narasimha called; blog and tweets managed to post;long dis with ajay and prakash;Lost temper with GTA buy alerted her; sameera tried to talk to me gaian but i rejected her; Failure at rx but new points noted;yp project on the way;Sameera attack;head pains continued; auwallas meanace;night YP discussions with srn and prakash;autowallas menace;headache with gta; irritation thru srn regd honey;mansiuonhouse duplicate; swathi weekly and stamlobeta purchased;

photos saturday 11 december ajay & me



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