Sunday, December 05, 2010

5 th december sunday;

as result of morning dosage got up very late;couldnt reply msg to gta;quickly scanned dailies; had upma and later bath; washed cloth and call from GTa missed the chance due to poor planning;1 sheet becomplex tablets purchased; call from SRn so attended office;social media plans by srn;akula venkatwswarlu responded 2 waytosms and satish ;some people for autosurf and social media i have detailed them confidently answered some questions; birynai at office; at room paid balance rent of rs 1000/-. walk to office was bit un easy;small funding had from office; pian in lower head continued; a flash idea of what are the moves of people in the world; 30 k count for srn;ajay and prakash calls; Munawwers call also; night bitter boredom at room had to be faced; new ids of One naukar is must; People who have responded to way2sms analysis did;
new id for the day; CAPTIONZ Communications
#73,IInd Floor,Paigh colony,
(behind ANAND theater) S.P.Road
phone: +91 040 6524 3267, cell:98495 94334

4th december post

Phynyl arranged at room luckily;Surprise came in as SRN called and said out of station; not much of busy at office dmay be ads were not there;2 movies seen for the day orange and raktha charitra; cigarettes effect;head pain continued; falire of expectation at satish; blogs and tweets managed; got sweater and rug by Gtanice packing effect; gta brothers home dropped; she looked more confident and attractive;
At office important people data further consolidated; Call recd from honey; DOsage of acholhol just 2 days?; night unable to meet chalapathi; dhanraj and sudhakar met; boredom in receiving GTA and energy problems noted; Akka called; satish incident triggered no body helps;Requested laxmi to continue cell numbers work;


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