Thursday, November 25, 2010

25th november post

Morning surprise is Koti called and was confused;honey disappeared and srn without telling left to khammam added to this pain in head area and heavy calls inflow and satyams presence at office; hunger pangs bad tiffen;followed by ajays own decicions; solace is Vijwada prasads call and chat with geetha; alexa ranks hickup and followed by poor followers for k;firm registration? new information abt collecction very surprising and also alarming; baburao has called and gave licsudha number and lot of interaction;paul responded and gave sankyo number and death news of raja is another trigger;lakshmi was seen very busy so her support has failed 4 the day; prakash has not responded;

After long wait ajay came and had settlements and chat;situation gone out of hands after this due to fear confusion and raja death trigger and dreams;
evening felt nice after reliance mobile getting activated; sankyo murali called and had long chat and gave new idea; gandhis call and his guidance also very encouraging; New pen and new book;respect at currys corner; 9 issues of swathi at hand; took some leaflets to room; finally syams call and related developments;took twitter ids file to room; italia guys call; gandhis wallpost info;

24th november post

Morning called syam and talked to his mom;at last Prasad(eswaraiahs son) met took his number 9989307662 rajus dynamics seen; also took gajanad phone number 9347243275; morning felt quite uneasy at office; srns was seen busy whole day; morning lot of time spent at office with net and way2sms further organised; satyam came in to office; night dinner 2 gandhi and his dynamics seen; by evening ajay dint turnup; car arrived; more details abt honey known;
Roshaiah resignation was unexpected move more so with kiran kumar reddys development; no chnage in alexa ranks was another problem; last 4 months blog read back and analysed current situation; pain in head regeon is another confusion; had chicken lunch followed by rest; days banian missed;days ids were aerostock; tirumalabank; managed one tweet for k; emailed to drbatras; 141 members organised at way2sms;ramoji responded;followup of firm registration did; relaince number is still not activated; reaction of chinnu by honey; not much of replys from peole for way2sms; lakshmi continued her work; reminded srn to call srivenkatesh; somehoe came out of that alchohol over dosage; but missed dinner again; ajays own decicion what to do? in eenadu one ad for medical guy marriage annivarsay seen;


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