Wednesday, November 24, 2010

23 november post

133 rd day! Morning dose triggered more sleep need to checked for future;success stories; Gta back into saddle after my intiation night long phone call and known interesting things; new cell phone on hand now;funding had again thats encouraging;most of the retrived cell phones added in way2sms data base and response also had from sekhar bhai;lelin sarvesh;new pen; reliance migration work over; new development with sarvesh pharma marketing; ajays pace reduced at office and his family problems also known; followup of firm registration work did; suffered with infection and back pain throughout the day; called srinivas Subbarayulu mamas son had good response; srinus number; 9493975566;(harikrishna prasads bawa) 9948440591 called jayamma attta had nice encouraging chat; 23525555;
Srns real estate plan got exposed; problem had to be faced at night when lock miss behaved but neibours help was very encouraging one; Bond papers brought to office;
himayatnagar relaince office is exposed; besta basthi; morning twitter id offer for rs 500/- a real funnny; warangal lady 2 office; prakash sons function on next sunday; prakash involment on food of others?
" one spelling mistake can destroy ur life; A husband wrote a msg 2 his wife on his offcial trip and forgot to add e in the end of a word. Iam having such a wonderful time wish u were her;


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