Tuesday, November 23, 2010

21 st november post

Unexpected things 4 the day; shivas birthday and reactions; ajays field work and srn reaction; Prakash lunch; My bank account initiation was unexpected move; retrival of most of contacts from relaince phone; continued income from Srn; laddus call; Felt very much tired at morning; interviews at office; hickup of ajay at morning to take prints; printout at office it self; Puja effects through Fm stn at morning; Morning energy levels failure; lakshmis continued data typing and numbers retrival help;25 th of this month ajays daughters birth day; RKs baptism; Hick up with google; New note book got; rent menace by owner when called for 2 months advance; Discussion with hony gta remained calm;weakening of hny position;Jans call was surprise; unable to use way2sms for the day; pressed hard for computer and cot at home; many assurances with srn; Hope of mobile 2earn etc and yellowpages ;


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