Sunday, November 21, 2010

20th november post

gtas matter tention releived by night;night funding continued from SRn; Ajays success story is new inspiration but had to hide it at office; sitting with laddu and raju;dhanraj,babu,satish came to office; called Chalapthi and shankar iam i tirupati ramana from now? called ajay and prakash at morning; sreeshine and srinivas have responded to way2sms; called jaybal at evening; my replys 2 dhanraj cell was noticed;laxmi typed data; way2sms data further consolidated;
days improvement is purchased FM radio;Papers read at morning; pressed further for computer; morning stats recorded; called ramoji; whole day stayed away from GTA; Probem at bar;
organised twitter ids file on hand; called chandra; night chicken dinner; Dhanraj and laddu were watching TV; reatox twitter id blocked;
retriving of cell phone data has failed again; pickle purchased at night; missed rx;


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