Monday, November 08, 2010

7th november post

Horrible day due no sleep overnight; managed to sleep at after noon; pain in back?; Calls from Srn Ajay; night SMS have continued; To khaleja movie;Padyam effect seen; Dream of SRn accident; Huge count of dailies; One blanket purchased; Dharmavarapu TV host seen;

6th novemeber

Sms parampara began with geetha 4 the day; days good things are called Gopal,akka,amma,sekhar,mama,chinna,bujji,Suneetha wishes them; horror of the day is no sleep; Satish and Sastry have further opened up family deal and living; rao s guidance; throught the day no collections at office and no ad so no income so no payout this need to be checked for future; crackers menace still? complaint on rao?; Comment on Padmaja at office; Missed overnight dinner; Missed tablet and result seen; jaybals call;New hope of Ajay 4 marketing?;Idli to 4 ppl at office and Raos no control of wordfs? me and ajays discussion on ajay was new thing; Jatbals call was surprising; Bharosa on god;


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