Wednesday, November 03, 2010

3rd october 112th day;

112 th day at hyd;Got up very early 3 am; energy levels problem continued due to poor planning of food at over night;fear of padma related problem but not much menace today; Due to rain pamplets distribution got suffered; some calls continued asa resultof ad ran in eenadu; more interactive discussion about match with Srn and i told my intentions abt laK;(shiva brought tablets,buiscuits); 5 kerchifs purchased; unexpected power (electric) problemfor long time at office so emailing work totally suffered; called many of the friends; achived dream rank of 5 lakh alexa for the first time;Discussion with ajay;
1.syam,2.bhawar.3.ramoji(had nice guidance) 10 seenaiah.11.chengaiah.12.narsimha.chanikya neethi at office continued;
Sudden insecurity at afternoon for failure of socialmedia contribution and ill health; Key board gave hick upbut managedit with naveen; rush continued at office;adsin 2 dailies continued;

Suddenly lost cool(for watching them to gether? but why this) days ids shasonline jyothiartstudio. expectation of invitation 4 lunch.evening satish came and night syam also called up. purchased banians and new towel at night and retiredfor the day.


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