Tuesday, November 02, 2010

1st 2 nd november posts

morning missed the chance to distribute pamplets;disturbed state of city od ap formation day;call from srn to open office now need to go to office bit earliar; rao re joined but menace cant be checked; ajays team came in but restlessness noted; somehow managed to get ads(3+3 but dangerous stage has alredy touched; Lot of feedback on ads did;pasted ads;
night lot of discussions at room with prk and srn; Tv got to room; new shift of focus on different schemes cellphones etc; rs 500/-. Computer problem has continued at office so slow progress; one reply had from skyrock; unable to continue emailimg work; alexa gave 28 862; kajal 78;
Compliment had frm honey on slippers;Lost temper at lakshmi; night wishes ashok;Daring act of paddu; one customer paid 4 honey; ramadevi cell number got;

2nd november post;

Began the day with pamplet distribution at x roads; noticed unbearable hunger at morning manged it; Unable to resist the temptation on wishing paddu but got bouncer must be more careful from nowher strong hindi skills;(dont ever dare) payal ke jhankar; Alexa gave the second bouncerfor the whole day;

calls came in; Raos absense?;so finally computer is ok now to accelerate on this oppurtunity;Expectation of honey on Rama devi? asuurance by srn again; tried for dish connection; naveen was sent to bank;checked all ids on hand again; night got 4500/- and more assurances from SRN. Evening mishapwith padma on english,speaker movie sound,enjoyed movie songs;demo seen on mobileproject;


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