Thursday, October 07, 2010

7th october post

86th day at hyd; developments include laxmis support continued; 3 dailies ads scanned almost 50; tommorow kalamandirs inaguration at patny centre; morning upset due to marketing executives non responce and saritha absence; during discussion with prakash 5k salary and 1k allowance strategy; laxmi says 200 phone calls can be attampted; whole day FM enjoyed; 90 deciding people data on hand 170 mailers sent; immediate need of marketing guys observed; aromamobiles new id; effect of support noted; tweets managed; finally decided to go to market; for net acess i may need to change timings; laxmis apreciation and confidence in me;

6th october post

kojjas menace; marketing executives got upset; created one page for social media and linked it to surf2earn; not to Robo movie;deatailed about social media to lady staff and also read; infomedia book on hand; pressed web guys and oofice staff; discussion with bharatbiotek; again dinner missed; not lifted marens call; surendra pics abt social media; return from office to room was tough due to no autos;


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