Wednesday, October 06, 2010

5th october post

days flash idea of blog is enough no web site needed; Prakash inter vened at night and related information and again missed dinner; many insights and financial commitments of surendra understood; 4 marketing executives and laxmi have worked again laxmis commitment lloked to be in achiving my dreams coming true;
welcome news is one article in social media in eenadu; suresh one aspirant came in for social media classes; his number 9347072921 and brifed him;task given to lakshmi to type to type; surendra said someone has joined calls and paid;

Days ids include vipapparel;midashygine;
data entry seems to be new idea from surndra; morning with marketing guys detailed report took; planning about remunaration for marketing guys discussions with ajay;
net access was not avaialable for me and thats trouble;
Promise by surendra to buy few more kitchen items; before leaving for lunch my over reactions noted;
called gandhi in vain again; on the whole this day is also supported by surendra; stress level for the day is quite normal; collegue came from tirupati darshan; kirans call at night; by night tired much; took kolkata book and his gesture was awesome;


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