Sunday, October 03, 2010

2nd october post

Developments parampara continued they include computer at my chamber,one more lady to social media,room developments include mirror,bed bed sheet,coocker,mug pillow,etc; still suffered witout fore thought; lakshmi told about her fear? absence of Hanina felt; allout effort by surendra for ads for autosurf project; satish visited office; again second visit to surendra house area and got 300/-.

Course content has developed very swiftly with new insights of developing course and becoming a vice president became more rosy; 4 more new ids into fold; new content for social media ad prepared; review about social media detailed to surendra re assurance given; fedelity people have adverticed for vp social media; row over computer and auto surf; rush at mess at after noon; Puja slogans need to be improved further;


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