Wednesday, September 29, 2010

28th september post

Adverticement for social media was full success since morning and its been repeated again but 2 districts have been dropped and 2 new(karimnagr,and warangal) have been added.; But my appearnce failed for the first time in the office for dress etc; 4 marketing executives continued to go to field but result not known as what happend;Sudden chance of second cell phone to hand must make of it to full use;room advance paid in the evening;
need to have tieups for offices in the districts is new idea; surendra gave some more content for social media;Ajay in the office;some un expected hickups in the office have continued; surendra gave ad for paid surfing in 10 districts; another land line is alloted to me at office; content read as how twitter is useful for companies;


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