Thursday, September 23, 2010

24th september post

Morning called gandhi; atteneded bit early to office by 9.45;New info had with cubestat which gave nice information about worth in dollars. cricketing odds told to lakshman; Lot of close interaction with Surendra; new turn of the day is sales guys have turnedout so again training given and their marketing bags were handed over; whole day maintained silence mostly at office; Days success story is on followup of Vijay payment got to hands; night again intake of the food was very poor; read symptoms of liver failure and causes;aosmithindia blocked;followup with lakshmi did for important names; twitter has gained one more rank;jana met on chat;

23 rd september post

Some kind of un easy at morning and insecurity though managed to be present at office;Involved shiva,sarita,lakshmi,and hanika; adverticement shown to staff; into my work and thats sucess; Office improvements continued with Laptop with Surendra; and cabin works enquiry;twitter ids enquiry out station works began with work endorcement to Sarita,lakshmi and hanikas involvement; had discussion with Surendra; Managaed to post 2 days pending blogs;ad in eenadu appeared but no responce in morning time and thats big disappointment;took dress from washing people; sent shiva to stick executive posters; recharged another cell phone; Marketing guys failed again to attend duty as promised; Whats the plan of surendra chennai is unable to understand and confusing; called grtjewels people; naveen called; ganesh immertion continued today too as seen the lorries carrying huge idols and enthusiasm rush; followup of aruna madams payment did and called syam;good response for golimaster comment seen and replied them; night to movie maryada ramanna and relaxed; i have called and found some names of deciding authorities of some companies noted; out station companies twitter ids work dint progress well;carpenters came to do work of cabin and enquired;major upset for the day is no response to eenadu ad; deccan layout and ads were very impressive;

21st september post

70th day since i left tirupati;Morning met Syam and he gave rs 1000/- and had lot of discussions;Slight disturbance had from Laxman and lakshmi unexpected way; pressed laxmi to find out as how many mailers have reached to them had hickup in between to do this excercise; One positive responce had from one matromonial office and thats encouraging; paid rs 500/- from syams money to lodge; Very good contribution of content by surendra on social media idea has further consolidated with new points; Navens help in finding out addresses of big company ids and had a secret word with sarita about the new task; and finally ad for enaau gave thru an ad agency; lost temper with lakman and that needs to be re checked; had problem with lakshmi to get the work done;Swati,sitara,businessworld read lot of things and tariff for swati known; night again met syam and subbarao and discussed things; way back met Raju and his family; one ad in dc seen for financial partners;

22nd post: 71 day
ganesh immertion day; mostly spent at lodge boring one; Raju came in morning and night; had lunch from mess;some calls did to chandra,Rk,surendra,lakshman,chengaiah,bhawar,prabhakar satish etc.


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