Friday, September 17, 2010

16th september post

Had settlements from Syam at night so more fire power on hand now felt very much tired and couldnt spend good time with satish on auto loan details and how they operate known;long discussion from satish Sastry also came in to office;Temper lost again with auto guy to be careful on this kind of issues; Mailers continued again with help of laxmi but no response had so far is discouraging? Had some discussion about movies; Blank visiting cards sent for printing; Class room training given to sales collegus 4 people; 2 bags also got aproved and purchased; Afternoon rest took for some time With hameed help pen drive arranged for system and managed to post blog;

paid n surf new venture booked? for ads badly needed now to progress;
New shirt failed to match size my actual size is 44 to be very alert on this from now; Evening forgot dress; Satyam people came in detailed to them about social media; Sarita absent to office; One mailer has returned; cheque seems to bounced;


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