Tuesday, September 07, 2010

7th september

morning attended office bit early yesterday blog posted;Quickly managed to block 3 new ids again(vishalmegamart;callmeguru;vertexhomes;checked at bank for twitter id money transfer only to be confused; introduced Social media to office team; more close interaction with RK; dress given 4 pressing and got baCK; mornin surprising call from maren; theres still some pain in stomach area;
during the net surfing auto surfing details and italians history of scam read; death news of kumar still gave shock for the day; managed to reapair belt and new room at narayana guda area got for economical rate;
Ad came in eenadu but lukewarm responce had; followup did for aruna madam payment did; old friend raju met his cell number took;New idea of emails from some hotel and related hope;
15 th day with surendra spent and analysis noted;
55 days since i left tirupati;again read back blog and inspiration of lafange parinde got back;

>>>A single hello from a friend is like a bit of sunshine in a cloudy day, brighten the day and warm the heart: "Hello everyone!"

6th september post

Surendra and Rk have joined back and thus few more develeopments at office; including visiting cards for finance company done by me;But Some kind of uneasy from surendra noted; lights arranged; there was computer problem but fixed by collegues; i managed to post 3 days pending blogs so some kind of releif; One more rack and ads for people have been released;i received my visiting cards;New bag purchased and the shop guys mannerism noted;

major upset for the day is death news of kumar and failure of Aruna madams payment and stomach uneasy etc;paid some advance to watchman;seen hindi movie at night;


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