Monday, August 30, 2010

29th August sunday

shifted to chikkadpalli lodge; Attended office till 12.30 then boarded auto to hrc slow one; again failure at Rx; new points first run favrite ex academy; internet connection arranged at office; Adverticement in Dc failed to impress;Ph to syam;movie seen at lodge Rks participation; had Haleem;Morning tablets purchased;had to switch off cell phone;

30 th monday;

new cell phone alloted 2 me saved some phone numbers;appointed web designer at office; room shifted again; called gandhi; 3 days blogs posted; 2 clients for loan met at office dress effect noted; Boards and landlines work got through; oldman; sruthi came again; re assurance to tele caller Bindu;few more prints for office;Followup of Bindu did;myhomesarees new id for the day;office board arranged;discussion with syam and jana;presentation board got arranged;

31 st august;
gave presentation to 2 office staff still need to improve skills; loans coverage at sakshi;
web develeoper left;Bindu joined; again bad comment for k;arranged rack at office; totally got yes nod for social media;took small rest at afternoon;name board got fixed;

28th August post

RKs entry at morning objective of company known;Blue carpet arranged and lord balaji photo at office;new dress effect known;Furniture got replaced at office;satyam left to nellore;

27th august post

Office wall paintings got done; 3 jodies of dress purchased;varam tele caller appointed; Dis agreements with satyam; kajals count # 22,821; felt much much improved state of office after wall paintings;facables,ayurcaregroup new ids;Lost temper with reliance tele caller;Flowe pots arranged at office;


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