Sunday, July 25, 2010

july 22nd

july 22nd;
took 7 number frame to lady Aruna s office and displayed there;blog posted;had lunch at chutneys hotel;Gandhis call;wash managed;seen sitara mag and managed tweets;

23 rd july:
Took total bed rest for whole day as pain and weakness continued;syam managed to get cash from realtor;

24 th july;

Had blood sugar levels checked and found ok: also had physio theraphy felt much releief after it; now doubt is cleared about sugar levels but doasge adjustment of insulin need to be set?
treatment seems responding;2nd day total rest.night syam left for tirupati after giving some cash.

25th july;sunday;
3rd day bed rest continued; Badam lodge vacated and took new one;1 full tablet of diabetrol was too much insulin effect(increased hunger levels) is known; to khairatabad Rx area took red paper; net postings managed;hungry levels were unable to control; 1 pair of dress purchased;messaged jana; one mail from from artjini for t id replied them; seen King and titanic movies on TV;had fried fish and Bread Omlet had nice sleep;


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