Thursday, July 08, 2010

6 july post

From a very depressive state to a quick 3 entry success story with 900/-.few needy things purchased.more tweets sent 4 the day; also read old blogs;2 more ids also 2 fold;sudden rain at night and food problem;blog template changed;call from orchestra;neibour lady took eenadu;seen old pocket diary of hyderabad contacts known;

july 7th post;

Morning 10 calls at filed coulnt fetch any thing;met t claasifieds people;no net day;my team urugay failed;met chengaiah;
8th july;
morning orchestra guy met;met jana;seen details of adsense check;

8 th july post
Rs 500 from market;spent lot of time with jana;tweets managed;veh got repaired;blog posted.adsence payment told to gopal;


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