Friday, June 04, 2010

3 rd june 2010

Finally sachin crossed priyanka and marching on.Each day counts at twitter and they all need to join one day or the other and 125 new people to fold.shrutihasans tweets seen.hunting line of news dailies entries upto 17 identified this is major task.pending entries posted at net and got relieved.evening managed to meet poojith hotel and some hope for next day.every country celbs have ranks and i need to have a place as my adda.met syam at night.tarumu file fuether looked upon.2 entries closed 4 the day.managed dress for the day.brief work of my tirupati client list work.

cell phone menace missed lic sudha.bouncer at modaliar because of no print on hand.missed lunch.heat continued.fitula,poojith,tkr,tailor,hotel balaji hopeful.whats 10-1- 10??. got exposed to hotel sindhuri guy.


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