Tuesday, May 25, 2010

23rd and 24th may posts

In the secontime watching lot of new things got exposed at movie Kites.simha seen lot of voilence?.2 new ids for the day fabercraft,sharpfisher.Discussion with basha at tirumala owner gopinath of pasuparthy known.tweets continued for k and vidya.Relations interaction at home gave new hope shankaraiah,bawa,and lalith but due to age progress depression started.

worship is a established thing.syam calledup.ssc results rush at signinn.posted pending entries.

24 may post:
head ache started with Cell phone and whole day got disturbed manged to get it repaired some how.managed to see NV prasad only to be depressed(eswaraiah).7052 people are with me and they are growing every day plus NT and other blogs traffic can they help?? 3rd day absent to syams shop.blog of sunday posted to email.wash managed.Morning sit ups and planning managed.
Now target should be on verified account.sachin came bit more closer.past good things of life analysed further at morning it took much time.amitabh is more interactive will surpass all??.
payment collection with andhra opticals failed and another misery at dolphin triggered.new hope is Yes from Nazeer travels.depression with heat and cash levels on hand again.chairman@flykingfisher.com??.twittercounter of ka is 35000?.
days ids were chennaiflowers,westerncera,kajariaworld.


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