Tuesday, May 18, 2010

17th may post

Good day! success finally with cheq collection from Balaji group.good knowledge got on eamiling tips,and to get cooperation one need to invest time in some kind of building relashion ship and buiding brand on twitter issues.bouncer at jewellers.insecurity mounting with k verification.also did some market calls at field.No support still from Syams and his email are getting my blog post.4 more new ids.sent mail to inasra.Curd rice at Mynaa?.Chengaiah met at night.Call from chandragiri guy.met best buy shop guy and andhra spice.hickup at afternnon with reliance and sridevi girl bad attitude.Ramoji met at loka and headache is over now.Care of Lokas wife is a point to note.Met Golden plaza guy.Called kk prasad.syam joined at web cafe.
Univercell id issue upsetted totally added fury is no replys from AK and SR and confusion with Twi id.felt verymuch with no responce at all from anyone.Met kalyan residency ED.flash of giving a ad for web site owners.few new flashes have emerged like if chiru tweets and to get one verified account.


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