Friday, May 14, 2010

12 and 13 th may posts

Heat wave continued.gave 40 to gopal.Unable to edit NT.Discussion with Kharan.No ac at relince.No responce from song of lahiri lahiri.insecurity of cash mounting up.Chalapatis call for shanku Chakra.Head seen at syams shop.Kumars deaths discussion(chandra sekhar naidus friend).
Read emails of K.Sharma idol maker met at shop.infilinks card received at home imoprtance of post guy noted.had 2 lemon juices.

13 th may post : olds flash; its always better to have a team and machinary; shoe repair.rajpalace web site card of dolphin seen.asmitadesign id had into fold.
Surprise success of 2 market calls.Arguments at reliance.paid 40 k to gopal.luckily water at home arranged again.met raunaq home applinaces.
Unbearable heat for the day;yet managed with income and hideouts.bujji came home.


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