Friday, May 07, 2010

6th may post

Surprised with sachins followers with narayan reddys cell activated sachintr at FB.Night dinner with syams family and vittal is new experiene.had 145 new followers for and thats interesting.Numbur at twitter.Now we can expect some quiries for ids?? after sachins entry??.
Again Scooetr started missbehaving.Problem with Kharan??chengaiah late call??.lemon juice and lemon rice didnt solve energy levels problem.Read sachins tweets.times famous 100 seen.During the surfing new point known for twitter R&D those who tweet regular get more Fans.Seen Nt 30 pages but unable to edit them.Shoe problem continued.Supassed shilparathnams thats encouraging.
With ad budjets allocated we can bring success.


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