Thursday, May 06, 2010

5th may post

Life is like almost winning by luck here and days big success story is getting payment from koundinya.Morning bouncer had to be faced from cyber cafe not functioning.Another hope developed with Can college for campain.Most of the R&D did with Sribalajigroup web site.K fans kept on increasing to new level read all emails and tweeted.Sachins entry into brouser was good thanks to majeed.met bazaar street jeweller.
Some emails sent to new ids blocked.Gudur Chalapati sir enquiry for idol and darshan.
old friend from hyd narayana reddy met:97046-73143.

yashodahospital,kajariaceramics,medwinhospital,imagehospitals,clutchintech,thevijaymallya,bullmachine are into fold.Bhawars call.


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