Wednesday, April 21, 2010

20th april post

advantages of the day: organised t ids at file.moneycontrol(alex 663),inasra,naaptol(7332) fb ids registered help of social code further edited for few more pages.replys recived from emails sent very encouraging act.seen 500 alexa ranks again.

mallays entry in twitter and quick 10 000 followers.niituniqua(1,26 011) and logos prints number of anakama rao,sridhar( 92469 90144) and cfae guy ravi(93900 42211)took.Quick replys from balu.

fullhyd work coulnt be proceded and bouncer mail from kishore.another one from inasra guy.expenses continues.poor income from infolinks.powercut related problems.moms related tention at morning.scotter problem remained.


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