Tuesday, April 20, 2010

19th April post

Major improvements of the day: Follow me idea and its integration to blog and web site.100 more users at celibrity is encoutaging.text link color for whole sites changed to blue result need to be checked.income levels with infolinks developed.More pages cleaned code at nelloretimes changed.Logo idea of nelloretimes.com to nytimes.Naptol idea.emailing with new strategy and subsiquent replys.More easy handling of ftp.paid jana.7 more ids univercellshop,store,blog,live,chevronhotels,paihotels,jimyellowpages.few more logos saved.new know of twitter for social media.infilinks bank account aproval email.Bab ramdevs news at nytimes.joined list of blogger of chennai.all pwds changed to tough ones.
set backs: cafe was not opened,scooter,arguments with jana,aotu charges to anna raos circle.night incident at home.chengaiahs chat.printouts problems at cafe.childrens menace at reliance.late food problems.insecurity.shoutings at wine shop.energy levels problems throught the day more expenses. etc.


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