Saturday, April 17, 2010

16th aprils post

Day started with childrens menace at Municipal park yet managed morning meditation and days planning.Gopals request for sunday followed after reaching home.Water filled at home with 2 more extra buckets it was helpful at night.Heavy blaze of Sun throught the day.Success at Nt and veduku finally social media logos kept at sites looked very impressive.Very slow of net at cafe at morning.Morning kept many pics at blog.
Afternoon lunch time Chengaiah met suddenly quite unexpected move i lost temper at K this should be avoided followed by discussion with tea shop Reddy (his funny comment about ladies)headed to home at home had to suffer without fan to sleep.Evening at cafe monitor got changed but lot of flickering was there yet i managed entire email list of hotel bliss checked and reserved cadilapharma,heenatours and segregated another 17 ids to be saved.

At syams shop my song on pancharatna had claps and also segregated ids to be saved at net of t prints and new logo prints took.reply had from dallas guy.Ultimatum given to jana for banner.Reply of Oberoihotel tweets is encouraging.

After watching few pages of felt discouraged with the old content need to be edited fast.Seen good collection of schools data.Invitations of yahoo emails is new thing for the day.A certain nose diving heading and insecurity continued how to save i dont know just heading towards it bluntly expecting a success.Someones harsh looks and comments at drinks time???


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