Saturday, April 10, 2010

9th Aprils post

Differences started with mama on selling idols for cost and his main intentions on shop also were known.Shocking email from renie was a upset for whole day but one more time to look back at my own agreesive behaviour needs to be checked.One vedeo some one said offline is much more powerful is a new insght for the day.seen 2 big ads at news papers One for univercell another for new hotel launch at tirupati.On my main goal some new trategy is fast emerging in my mind as to have 500 or 1000 ids and leave for reply from them.

Due to insecurity changed pwds of celibrities this is known only to me.Days ids include colorplusonline,telugutimes,sheenlac,smswebsolutions,lookworld,techpumps,rajpark.
Idea of highest tax peyers to sell idols.Need to sell quick idol now.Chinnis new offer need to encashed.Messages to Vidya balans by her fans is new knowledge.Grhomes video seen.dress for the day was most irritating reson only known to me.Twitter employees flicker pics seen.

tweets of people as of today
2.priyankachopra 2910
3.marenka: 2170
4.shashitaroor; 3388
5.juniorbachan; 5266
6.billagates; 102.
7.ev;5155 3864.
10.oprah; 115.
11.dooce; 1352
12.engadget: 23036

Days net knowledge: labnol 2433,linkedin 29,ryze,peerpower 34 877,


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