Thursday, April 08, 2010

manabadi discussion

bhaskar_rayavaram: hi
ra ra: hai
ra ra: tell me
bhaskar_rayavaram: I am part of the nonprofit organization called
ra ra: good
bhaskar_rayavaram: we run Manabadi program for teaching telugu to kids
ra ra: ok
bhaskar_rayavaram: i was trying to create a twitter account and found your contact
ra ra: ok come straight to business
ra ra: in 2 minutes i can arrage that password to then its all urs
bhaskar_rayavaram: ok

ra ra: how much money will u part with that id in return??
bhaskar_rayavaram: what are u looking for.?
bhaskar_rayavaram: We are a non-profit as I told you,
ra ra: iam a seo
ra ra: seach engine optimisation speacilist
bhaskar_rayavaram: ok
ra ra: u are based from?
bhaskar_rayavaram: in Dallas tx
ra ra: omg good
ra ra: pls tell me whats ur interest in this id??
bhaskar_rayavaram: we are going to use to connect all the kids , teachers and parents that are now part of Manabadi
ra ra: great
bhaskar_rayavaram: there is no money to dish out from our side.. we work volunteer to help promote telugu language and culture
ra ra: ohh
ra ra: its ok then u want me give that id free??
bhaskar_rayavaram: yes
ra ra: who is the owner of site u have any idea??
bhaskar_rayavaram: you can check out and see all the pure cultural stuff we do.
ra ra: ok
bhaskar_rayavaram: I have no idea
bhaskar_rayavaram: never heard of them until you told me
bhaskar_rayavaram: you would become part of thousands of siliconandhra volunteers that join hands in this mission, if you choose to help us.
ra ra: ohh the offer is terrific
ra ra: hai
bhaskar_rayavaram: not sure if you are being sarcastic or true
ra ra: ohh no sarcsm i was only interested in making some cash out of it
ra ra: and nothing else
ra ra: hai are u....Vice President - IT at JP Morgan Chase??
ra ra: ??
bhaskar_rayavaram: yes, but this is nothing to do with my professional life. this is passion. you can see I am sitting middle of the night chatting about twitter account for manabadi
ra ra: thanks sir i have lot of respect for u now
bhaskar_rayavaram: We are proud to say there are 1500 kids in america that now read/write/speak telugu fluently because of Manabadi
bhaskar_rayavaram: they do better than many kids in Andhra now a days
ra ra: wow..thats interesting
bhaskar_rayavaram: we want to use the social networking to reach out to more parents and kids to help them benefit from telugu. we want to protect telugu as a language for all the richness we enjoyed from telugu
bhaskar_rayavaram: unless next generation gets it, it stops right where it is.
ra ra: good cause
bhaskar_rayavaram: I true beileve after late NTR, this is the ONLY cause that is being driven with greatest of visions by Sri Anand Kuchibhatla, the founder of Siliconandhra
bhaskar_rayavaram: to protect and lead Telugu for future generations
ra ra: omg great
bhaskar_rayavaram: people all across the world are reaching to out SiliconAndhra to join the mission
ra ra: i remember " panchadara kanna panasa donala kanna tene pattu kanna telugu minna"
bhaskar_rayavaram: Telugu = Amma, there is no bigger comparision. we are the only language that gives "mother" place to it.
ra ra: yes yes
bhaskar_rayavaram: please think about and let me know.
bhaskar_rayavaram: its late for me, I got to sleep now.
ra ra: okok sure
bhaskar_rayavaram: if not money, I will make sure your name gets recognition
ra ra: give me some time let me decide
bhaskar_rayavaram: please
bhaskar_rayavaram: i appreciate your consideation. Have a good day.

7th april post

After watching the massacre of Jawans got disturbed for the day it was like a movie of war jawans said they were outnumbered i think worlrd is shocked at this incident.Unable to lift Surendra call.Morning shifted the strategy before going to Syams shop had a halt at web cafe near ttd ad buildings and did few tasks.mailed some of srivari villas project and lamdmark ids.transfered pics to new id created nughantuvu vetukunew some of logos and pics.Some of florists logos added.At last Srivari banner was launched at veduku by jana.

After net work gone to syams shop this time i dint wish any of them and reaction was really expected.afternoon sridevi complex continued some tasks.seen brands who are doing well with twitter and found new variant lewisguy.

Relaince cafe still had some upgrading problem.Evening work took some social media prints.sun was scorching in the afternoon and was unable to sleep at home.Helped subra and loka.


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