Monday, April 05, 2010

4 th april sundays post

Morning again without preparation attended walkers meeting at ttd AD buildings. Speaker gave speech on suicidal tendencies and how to avoid them.(academic stress,heat,good parenting were new words).To face criticism.Multi organ failure story at their news paper,to guide,good management etc.

energy levels totally failed at morning tiffen time.
lot of R* D did at as stongest contributions to my growth in life with people analysed.(Teaming up with syam and me was ranks first: his followup with Abhimanyu,tirupatiguide story:Corporation sales in bangalore;mirror land bangalore sales.Micro orders.vaidehi hospital.tirupati raos frame.Rantam sales at nellore.subba reddy chennai.Mumbai sales.Kolkata sales. Thulasi and gopal rank next.

New turn of the day is Ankama raos purchase of old idols and new cash at hand.

Lof of developments at reliance cyber cafe today seen many videos on varies topics.Fickr foto sharing known with tags etc.Cloud pedia usage.twitter and google search tips exposed.Social and hardware details.bookmarking,loan with long instalments were very impressive.Language spelling skills also known.

Prabhakaran met and we went to Mayura hotel had rava idli tasty one and good rush seen.his language skills exposed again.night lot of work did on collecting pics for twitter with 2 hours prolonged work.

success story with syam analysed.lot of email ids seen at the hindu but need to collect them at a later date.facebook further developed.trimmed twitter last retrived thulasi family pics.seen ambicaempire site.Found very tough to walk back from group theatres.seen blog of coocking4allseasons.

The power on hand now is:videos power,google maps,blogging,tweeting power.some cash at hand.rx hope.expansion.surveys power.poster strategy.

what can be done from now: Continue team building and give adverticement:Continue twitter lamdmark ids followup;Social media(twitter,facebook improvement.Try to sell idols,foto sharing to improve,sms go on feeding etc


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