Friday, April 02, 2010

2nd april post

New marketing bad and travel bags usual 1 hour planning hour at ttd park.morning 3 hours net finally facebook id created through cell phone activation.A long chat with jana.Seen signatures collected so far.Mailed thulasi.Gopals calls at morning.rx book seen.Syams and surendras calls.

latest developments

new marketing bag,travel bag,banians,new kerchiefs,veh repair,Surendra cash,facebook id,rx updates,2 donors list,eye glass, info,trimmed twitter,donors list,how to be hacker videos seen,srikalahasti data,oasi star videos,my blog,realtors potenciaity info,vedeos on social networking,who is following whom on twitter,last 1000 years,nt info,rx new strategy,new idea of feeding before,new idols at syam,to continue document writers,song of avatar effect,google maps,bizlist data,sms knowledge,bloggers meet,bank account activated,seen thulasi,long term paln required,bliss data,vdk mailer,Tamil exposure,search code in nt,vdk,chain brought back,eating knowledge in rx,new rx point,vetuku,up grade to vedeos,wall poster idea.

1 st march post

1 hours strong planning work at ttd park.Surprise of the day is surendra came things followed after.Scotter gave biggest hickup for whole day got compromised.night seen rx book.entire day missed net.Banians and kerchiefs and wash managed at home.
Irksome situation at syams shop when a customer came in and again in eve when told him of srivari deal discussion with his sister.No reply yet in univercell.


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