Sunday, March 28, 2010

27th march post srivari villas

Had site visit of srivari villas by scooter.twitter followers trimmed at sridevi complex web posted and print of births of famous web portals took from to help Syam out of his problem. twitter my own followers analysis did.took back press card from K and torn it.Called jana,niranjan.Night drinks with Chengaiah.1000 years rouigh to quicken now.paid dhobi.Nelloretimes is much older than indiblogger.Tweet reply from sorav.twitter in plain english and blogger in plain english vedeos read.Called sekahar bhai through cell supervisor(Rajesh: 91605-45408) met at srivari villas.ndtv coverage seen at youtube vedeos.Satish babu is owner at who is for univercell.Bottu is male Abharan.No field work again for 3rd day.Rx book and janas call.

Next strategy!!! as per mama strategy feed already and make them know about it.wait for rx at good odds.try to get contract(quicken) for landmark twitter ids,try to reserve blogger,facebook,twitter together.(try for official blogger or tweeter)continue document writers,give ads.continue emailing.use knowledge of vedeos of youtube on social networking. get signatures after posting.Grab capture.who can help.


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