Saturday, March 27, 2010

26 th march post

Organised so many things for the day but unable to do single market call even for the second day thats blank ink pen got at ttd park.first drinking water arranged at home so main tention is reduced.Voveran sr tablets purchased(manju guy) clients list print took.Date of next indiblogger meet taken.Lot of information through news papers for the day mf hussians art value,hackers penalty,Vijay mallyas donation news,Vidya balans for sleep disorders to report about misleading ads to Facebook famous in UK.Turmeric farmers information.Handwriting samples posted at blog this is another major issue.

Morning took jana to birds hospital noted donors addresses there this is a new turn one joe followed. given him banner work of srivari villas.there seems to divotees of lord balaji every where in india and also abroad.seen lot of people there so health care industry witll flourish.Vasu phto frame 0877-2220558.Govardhan janas brother.Read some bloggers of indibloggers meet.Further trimmed twitter followed people.Lot of time spent for net today.

Started using vedeos knowledge: sekharbhai,Munawwer,Kharans jewels tried.repeated calls from Chekrie hotel so posted their entry again on top.Rx book purchased.Russian girls met at syams shop and lot chat with them.

Nice vedeos on social networking watched at relaince.(to show interest,help them get out of their problem,listen emtions,invite them).times ad for only 220/- ph; 044-43542222.
Night unexpected turn at kamalakar expected fear has happend finally.

Lof of analysis did at home on social networking.Aswin can material for team.Facebook,blogger,and twitter together to reserve idea???
airtels ad in english news papers;cripumps missed.

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